11 days old – notice on photos & update on development

The puppies are reaching one of their first milestones – with their eyes opening!!  Based on this stage, I wont be adding photos to the gallery for a few days.

Little Red has such gorgeous eyes, Peaches eyes are almost open and Little Boy Blue and Mr White have little chinks forming in the corners of the eye.

It is fascinating to see the development of the eyes opening – which is easier to see in the yellow pup.  (I didnt get to see this so easily in my first litter as they were all black!).

So on the basis of protecting the pups eyes from the flash of the camera I will not be taking any pictures until I am happy it is safe to do so.  I will however try and put on video clips instead.  So please keep checking to see what updates I have managed to do!

The puppies weight gain is doing very well indeed – with one of them reaching 3lbs already – this wasnt achieved until day 15 in our first litter and day 17 in the second litter, obviously they have more milk available to them which explains why they are ahead.  To note: this does not mean they are going to be overweight puppies.  I do not believe in any animal being encouraged to grow too quickly or to become overweight.

(notes on feeding can be found here)

(notes on assessing weight can be found here)

Dogs these days all seem to be overweight and seemingly the owners are unaware of it.

pudding pups video