Molly at 57 days pregnant.

Molly is now 57 days pregnant.  Her tummy feels very full indeed.  When she is laying down, the sides of her tummy are very weighty!  Molly is very happy and content, though probably very fed up with her splint.  We have had a bit of a problem with the splint in as much it snapped in half.  The new splint and dressing didnt last very long at all and in the meantime Molly gained a sore on the inside of her elbow.  This sore is now healing nicely.

The pups development  at 8 weeks will mean they now have hair and pads on their feet.  They should be approximately 150mm.  They have one week left of growing – so Molly’s tummy is yet to get bigger!

The photo below doesnt convey how big her tummy is, to us she is getting very big.  But to anyone else she just looks like a fat lab.  I used to be able to put both my hands around her waist and touch fingertips! (thumb and middle finger to make a circle is Molly’s usual waist size!!)

Molly at 57 days pregnant