Awaiting Confirmation of whether Molly is in Pup

Molly has been mated with Bertie, we now have to wait to see if we will be lucky enough to have pups!   I hope to confirm this with a scan between 28 and 35 days.  Molly is at the very early stages.  We have prepared for Molly to be at her optimum fitness, she was wormed in advance of the mating and vaccinations are up to date (again in advance of mating)  I am not keen on adding chemicals of any kind at a critical stage.   Though Molly is on supplements to encourage the healthy development of the puppy’s.  (zinc and folic acid).  The decision to mate a bitch should never be taken lightly as the “mum” has to be at her peak of physical fitness in order to cope with the demands of feeding her pups.

If you wanted to check out the health certificates please look at the parents information and the health testing page which helps give an explanation of the tests that are used.