I think the pup has settled in?!! LOL

Melvin has to be the most chilled out pup I have had so far.  He is a pup so chilled out that he had no idea he had slid upside down from the top of the cushions!

Melvin - fast asleep!

Melvin has now passed all the tests of settling in with the other dogs, establishing the pecking order.  Archie particularly wanted to be sure that Melvin was kept at the bottom of the pack, however…..even Archie has a soft tender side.

Archie on puppy duties....awwwww!

Melvin is FOURTEEN weeks old!  wow – I cant believe how the time is flying by.  He is a cracking pup.  He has a play with all the dogs, comes back when he is called, sits and stays.  So all going well.

My handsome boy - 14 weeks old