Mum is in charge!

For the past few days Molly has finally been able to stay in the same area as her puppies for longer than a few minutes.  The little monkeys since, unwillingly, giving up milk (Molly’s decision not ours) have tried their hardest to get the milkbar back on tap.  Up until the past few days Molly has been in regularly to check on her babies but has had to scarper quick as 8 pups have tried to get their “scram” as quick as they can.  At every opportunity she goes in to see them, to nuzzle them but has had to leap over the barriers to escape the 8 sets of gnashers!  Molly has not liked 8 puppies hanging off her but has been desperate to be with them.  So to resolve the situation she has decided she will take charge of them.

Molly has them in order now, I hope to get a few more photos of Molly with her “grown” family but this is what I have for now!

playtime with Mum! can she handle them?? - yes she can!

Puppies all learning how to romp with Mum

this is how you play...nicely....

Mothers love - time for plenty of kisses

getting orderly now.... Mum knows best!

What a clever girl Molly is!

its easier when they are asleep!

sshhhh the puppies are sleeping...Molly needs a rest!

cute girl "Bunty"

Watching Molly with her puppies is magic.  She is so tender with them.  So gentle.  She picks up toys and gives them to the puppies to play with.  Also gently tossing a ball in their direction to encourage play.  It brings a tear to me eyes to see how wonderfully loving Molly is with her little ones.