The pups love the garden!

With some modifications to parts of the garden to keep the puppies safe, they have the run of about 95% of the garden.  Which “did” include access to the rabbits house.  Comet lives in a lovely summer house with the run of the garden.  However it would seem our puppies like the taste of rabbit food so we are going to have to think of a way of keeping the pups away from the rabbits home.

I have taken lots of photos today so will be downloading them later on.  Lots of lovely cute pictures!  (so comb back to this entry as I will be adding photos this evening).

The puppies race about the garden with skips and jumps like little spring lambs.  Which is pure joy to see.  The only downside is they are starting to do some pruning….. (to be noted I have removed the rhododendron bush as that can cause upset tummies).

Melvin and Peaches

The Girls!

Barney The Red Boy!

Lilac Girl

Stevie - oh my what a gorgeous boy!

Merlin (Sam!) Yellow collar!


Melvin "Thats our boy!!"