Another Milestone being met


The puppies are doing marvellously.  They are now getting their deciduous teeth (baby teeth).  Some of the teeth have broken through the gums – so poor Maggie is having to get used to them during feed time.  The deciduous teeth do start to break through from the age of three weeks – so the pups are bang on target!

I have given the puppies two small meals and will be increasing this tomorrow to three meals.  Tomorrow is worming day – so wish all of our pups luck as it can be quite a sensitive time for them.

Molly has spent some time with her grandchildren.  She was delighted as Maggie was in the garden!


Molly isn’t the only visitor the pups have had – but Uncle Melvin also came to have a look too!

Uncle Melvin pops in!

I have uploaded photos into the gallery