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Pups turn 10 weeks old today!

Most of the puppies have gone to their new homes, we have Miss Orange until Sunday, so I am taking her for her vaccination this morning The second vaccination can only be done at or after they turn 10 weeks … Continue reading

9 weeks old and one puppy left.

Our journey has been a busy one, so as most of the puppies left from the age of 8 weeks, we had a puppy leave at 9 weeks and the last puppy will be going at 10 weeks. So all … Continue reading

Puppy videos before they started to leave home

It has been so hectic that I just haven’t had a chance to keep up to speed with the videos (there are still more to sort out). With two videos after four had left!!! I am now left with two … Continue reading

Homing day has arrived!

Wow – 8 weeks have passed so quickly! Some of it in a complete haze for me! However, I have enjoyed these wonderful little puppies. They have been so sweet, endearing and mainly calm. As they have developed they have … Continue reading

Homing day is fast approaching

We have had a really busy time at Marchstone. The puppies were wormed at the weekend and unfortunately had quite a reaction to it. I had used the same wormer as the product I used at 5 weeks old. So … Continue reading

7 weeks old today!

Today has been busy – the pups have all been weighed and wormed! Now they are bigger this means they need more of the worming liquid!! EEEeeep!!!!!. They have had their claws clipped too. This is now the sixth time … Continue reading

Puppies are developing so quickly

Too much puppy activity – means more videos! Last night they sped up! So our workload is now becoming harder as they are under our feet and hard to catch!!They are funny to watch as they learn to master running … Continue reading

Caring for Puppies in this heat…

Please be so careful with this extreme heat. So the heat can be retained in hard surfaces such as pavements and your patio slabs in the garden! So don’t let your animals walk on these surfaces which could be boiling … Continue reading

6 weeks old and gathering momentum

Well.. I say they are gathering momentum, the heat has slowed them down. So the only time they are really quite fast is first thing in the morning and last thing at night!! I am hoping this hot weather is … Continue reading

Such Fun!

The puppies have ramped up a gear and have decided today is the day that the No List is opened. They were hanging off my trouser legs as I was putting them in the garden – let me tell you … Continue reading