7 weeks old today!

Today has been busy – the pups have all been weighed and wormed! Now they are bigger this means they need more of the worming liquid!! EEEeeep!!!!!.

They have had their claws clipped too. This is now the sixth time they have been clipped….so thats 36 sets of paws I have clipped, totalling 648 claws that have been clipped on wiggling little puppas, so far!!!

The puppies are much busier now and are learning how to be dogs! This means they are playing rougher than they were. The playfights they are having now enables them to learn that biting hurts!

With the weather being so hot, we are covering the patio before putting the puppies out to protect their feet. You may not have heard of the 5 second rule – but you should check your patio, artificial grass or pavement. If you cannot place your hand comfortably on the hot surface then you MUST not be exposing your dogs (or in my case the puppies) to the hot surface. I am worried for the next few day as I have not had puppies during a heatwave before. I have spent the day organising yoghurt frozen pops for the puppies and the adult dogs, to have sporadically throughout the day (ie not vast quantities in one go) organising ways to keep them cool. I am as prepared as I can be. It is very important to not let them get hot in the first place. I dont want to have to implement protocol for heatstroke cases.

please read this article…heatstroke….noting my article refers to ice cubes… the small yoghurt pops I make are used for prevention and offered in small quantities is prevention, ice cubes for heatstroke is NOT treatment.

Some videos of the sweet chaos in the puppy room (formerly known as my tidy lounge).

Medley of Daily playtime

Wilma takes charge of her toy

Time to go fishing

Marchstone Supermodels

Beautiful chaos lots of puppy jumps

Exercise before bedtime

Did someone say biscuits?