Puppies are developing so quickly

Too much puppy activity – means more videos! Last night they sped up! So our workload is now becoming harder as they are under our feet and hard to catch!!They are funny to watch as they learn to master running as fast their brain thinks they can!

We have had our first escapee from the whelping box, came downstairs this morning to find a puppy looking back at me through the door!

We are now adopting the very unique walk that all puppy breeders eventually have to master, the slide stride. This is keeping your feet as flat to the surface as you can and slide along. This is to avoid accidentally catching an active puppy who is whizzing by!

Im half way through clipping their claws (3 pups left to do) they are so busy it is a two person job!

Been fishing, caught me a fishie!

When you look up in the video dictionary, the term “Puppy Pile”

Going on a puppy walk

Boop the snoot

slo mo puppies

Daily playtime

Puppy playtime

Puppy fun with the water fountain

Bundles of mischief all over the place (this one is a bit whizzy, so might make you feel a little odd!).

Puppy wipeout,rufty tufty, boops & mumma too

Playtime medley

Sleepy puppy

Playtime combo

What is a better game than bitey face when everyone else is asleep?

Tilly’s tots playtime