What have these puppies been up to?? !!

Puppies are now having four meals a day and doing well. They are mainly having soaked kibble but I have tried them out on dry kibble and they did very well on it!

The pups are learning to play amongst each other and they are mainly respectful towards each other!

Oh No! Her nose fell in to my mouth – honest!!!

Miss Red – on the catwalk with her entourage one of my favourite videos!

Puppas in the garden

Miss Pink…. boop!

va va voom

Puppy fix

24hrs apart – the puppies are getting so big now that Tilly is finding it hard to remain comfortable whilst feeding them, so she is tending to feed them standing up now!

Beautiful sleepy puppy

Puppy playtime

(joke) There has been a major incident so phonecalls had to be made! An investigation has been opened up! Update on incident soon!