Such captivating puppies!

The pups are so entertaining. I am loving having these little cherubs, they are a very calm litter, with a couple of pups who are clearly thinkers! Having puppies that sit and reflects are worth their weight in gold!

Toilet training is going exceptionally well! No poo’s in the pen overnight for two nights and no poo’s indoors either! To have no night time poo’s for a couple of nights is particularly astonishing for their age.

We are getting most of the wee’s outside – not surprisingly we cannot get them all, all of the time, but a very good effort is being made and I would say 90% of the wee’s are outside!

Here are a few videos from 28th and 29th (there may be a few more to come but Im still going through them!!).

Mr Blue on the catwalk (with the cutest little silent woof at the beginning)

The Bounce (this is extraordinarily on repeat is advised!)

Little Pickles in the lounge – not the best of quality videos…. BUT this is the first time they have had playtime in the lounge and they LOVED it!

Puppy play in the lounge

Skips and bops

Miss Purple on the catwalk

Miss Pink busting some moves

Miss Purple football star showing how it is done!

The Hustle, Wilma distracts the puppy to get the ball!

Puppies strutting their stuff – showing how its done!!