13 days old

What a beautiful day to have puppies. I have felt so much pride in my pups today as they are reaching their milestones. One of the puppies has completely opened her eyes. WIth another pup not far behind at all. It is something that I don’t think I can describe enough just how special this is to me. Seeing their wonderful little eyes is honestly like looking into their soul. It is such a magical time. My heart was certainly full this morning.

Tilly is being a fantastic mum, very thorough with tending to the pups needs and feeding them relentlessly. As a result of how much time she spends feeding them, she takes any and every opportunity to have food. 4 meals a day plus all the extras (cheese/goats milk/nutriplus gel) is the aim. In reality she is probably having 5 meals a day as she often asks for a meal during the night too!

Here is a video with Miss Yellow – it was the exact moment I saw her eyes for the first time.


Two of the puppies are now in their next stage collars! Exciting times – it wont be long until all of the puppies are in their ribbon collars.

The puppies develop so quickly that they go from foam collars, to ribbon collars and then just before they are ready to leave me they are in either cat collars or small pup collars. It can feel constant checking and changing the collars but it is very important to remain vigilant and observant.

A video from this evening….


Cant wait to see what tomorrow brings.