12 days old today

So I didnt get to do a post yesterday – here is a video of them at 11 days old. They have suddenly become very active. It is really lovely to see their mobility improving (and the speed being increased!)

Apologies for the overlay of the audio I chose! I found something much nicer afterwards but cant get that as a link now. So watch with the sound down.


I started to clip their claws when they were 9 days old, it is a tricky task as they need to be still long enough for me to aim for such a small target without risk of over doing it! So I keep a list of which claws have been trimmed and then keep taking opportunities to finish the job! Today I finished trimming the remaining 2 puppies claws. So this will need repeating in approximately 7 to 10 days time. It is important to not clip their claws too short otherwise you could catch the quick which then bleeds, this then encourages the quick to grow longer (making it easier to accidentally cut the claws at the quick in the future).

A job that is done twice a day, every day, is checking the collars. They grow so rapidly that the collars can be snug overnight. The collars made of foam and do not create any risk as they snap easily.

They are making some lovely little squeeks and warbling noises but I am starting to hear little dog noises too that are not far off a little growl!

Photos from last night.