10 days old

The puppies are getting so big. This period of time shows such rapid growth where they have all achieved double their birth weight in a short space of time, just 7 days. Their mobility is getting stronger and stronger, it wont be long before we see some proper tottering about.

Three of the puppies are starting to show signs of their eyes opening – so hopefully in a few days time we will be seeing their beautiful eyes.

Today marks the start of clipping their claws. This is a job that takes time and lots of patience. It is very important to clip their claws as they become quite hooked in shape. I will be having to clip their claws every 7 to 10 days. If I don’t clip their claws regularly then they will cause lots of scratches to poor Tilly’s tummy and teats, as to stimulate the milk to flow the pups paddle their paws around the teat.

Here is an adorable little video from last night.