Just over 7 weeks Pregnant

Tilly is 52 days pregnant (based on first mating), she is very fit in herself, happy and healthy.

The start of the fascinating journey of a developing pregnancy begins initially at the scan when the pregnancy is confirmed and you see little blobs on the screen, but more significantly now, I can feel the puppies moving. I have been able to feel movement for the past few days. Tilly must be feeling all kinds of squirming going on bless her! When Tilly is laying flat out I can also see some movement too! It is all very exciting!

Development of the unborn puppy.
The pads on their paws will have developed now and they will also have hair growing on their bodies. This is the developmental stage when a puppy would be showing as black or yellow. We know this litter will all be black puppies as the Dad “Rolls” is black dominant.

So my preparations for the arrival of the Tilly Tots is ongoing, the washing machine hasn’t stopped and parcels keep arriving!

Tilly 51 days pregnant