Fireworks….such a nuisance for some animals and people too

Hi there I hope this post finds you well.

I havent posted about the firework campaign for a while.  The Firework abatement group have been campaigning long and hard for a change in regulations.

The Government petition to ban fireworks has reached (and surpassed) the required number for signatures to be debated in parliament.  The Government have responded and the issues surrounding fireworks will be debated 26th November 2018.  This debate will be the third debate since June 2016, but not only that the second debate was earlier this year in January 2018

How YOU can help make changes!

First of all….
If you havent already signed the two petitions please do so!
Government Petition

The Firework abatement campaign petition ( has also surpassed in numbers.

We need further support from those who have signed.  Please write to your MP’s to let them know of your personal problems with fireworks.

I urge you to please contact your MP’s in advance of the debate about fireworks.

“Please attend the firework debate on 26th November at 4.30pm in Westminster Hall.
Fireworks cause me problems and as my MP I would like you to represent me.” [THEN add a sentence of your own.]

Without the key help from those who are affected by fireworks then changes are harder to achieve.  Please inform your MP of the debate and ask them to support you.

You can mention (in your words) the impact it has on you and your animals, the frequent but random timed fireworks are a nuisance, as it stands the law allows fireworks to be used 365 days of the year from 7am through till 11pm.  People cannot prepare for fireworks when the frequency is 365 days, that and the times they allowed, in effect is not a regulation at all.

It is time for change when you consider on top of the frequency of fireworks being hard to manage for animals and people who suffer distress, (many animals have died as a result of their distress or incurred horrific injuries) but there are other factors such as pollution and littering.  The chemicals, the impact on the NHS and Fire Services.  The misuse of fireworks when they have been reported to be thrown at people.    The problems associated with fireworks is far reaching and there is very little policing in place for the people on the receiving end of the problems that fireworks create.

Please sign the petitions and write to your MP.  Get your MP to attend the debate!

Time for change on an outdated law and that time is NOW.

Thank you!