Aside from the visit from Miss Marple…

It has been a fairly average day, Miss Marple concluded who was giving too many kisses to the puppies! (see previous puppy entry)  Meanwhile the puppy antics continued!

The puppies are more active and we have had a couple of escapees from the puppy pot.  So the outer pen has now been installed for their safety!  I had predicted it would be Miss Pink…but in fact it was Mr Blue who got out first!  Then Miss Yellow managed to get out!

I have changed all of the puppies collars to the next stage, so they are safer from the rough and tumble play.  They are cat collars which will come apart very easily if necessary.

Bundles of trouble

Is that a puppy I see?  No its a wabbit

Mr Red thinks Miss Pink should see the wabbit

Puppy playtime

Love Mr Purple – just wait for the end – he looks like a kiddie who will lick ice from a pole and get his tongue stuck to the pole.  Bless him.

The Puppy gallery has been updated.

A note regarding my dear Maggie – in effort to help her gain some weight I have taken two courses of action.  The first being nutritional needs.  I have now bought some tinned sardines to add to her meals (and other supplements).  They are high in calcium and protein.  Of course I will have to keep a close eye on how this is having an impact on her digestive system.  My second course of action is giving the puppies some warmed milk to reduce the demand on Maggie.  The pups didn’t like the powdered milk (from Royal Canin) so I have bought some goats milk – they love this!  I have never had to give any of my puppies additional milk in any of the previous five litters, so it just goes to prove (again) every litter is different.  Again… I will have to keep an eye on their digestive systems also.

The pups are still feeding from Maggie as she is still very keen to feed them.  I just feel the demands on her body are being pushed a little too much.

It is normal for the bitch to lose weight and condition, but it is obviously very important to monitor the welfare of both Mum and her pups and do what is best for all concerned.  This, I feel strikes the balance of keeping Mum happy as she wants to be with her puppies but does help reduce just how much milk she is needing to produce for them.