A typical day with the pup pups!

Our days begins with cleaning out the pen.  This requires putting them into a box of some sort (the Marchstone Labradors Crate or the blue tub).  I then remove all the newspaper, clean the base,  replace the newspaper and put in clean bedding.  All puppies are put back into the pen.

At this point Maggie will normally feed them.  Once they have finished their breakfast I will weigh them.  Checking they have put on a reasonable amount of weight from the previous day.  I make a note of any puppy that may need keeping an eye on.

I then check all the collars.  They grow so rapidly that the collars need checking twice a day.

I give them all a cuddle, giving them a look over generally and then they are put back into the pen.

At this stage they sleep a lot, so much of the day is spent sleeping or having time at the milk bar.  When they have periods of activity it is so lovely to sit and observe them.

In the afternoons I like to have a sit in the “pot” this however is under strict supervision from Maggie!  She likes it to be known that she is in charge of them and not me! I think the reason for this is down to yesterday when I clipped their claws, but still had Miss Yellow to do, so again, I am trying to do it when she is asleep.  So many little claws to clip it can be a lengthy process!  I think because a couple of them have squealed (not because it hurt) Maggie seems to believe that I am out to hurt them, hence my strict supervised visits!

When Im in the pot with them, the puppies like to lick your toes or nibble them!  They will try and nuzzle into you which is just adorable.  I can’t get enough of their cute little mannerisms.  BLISS

DSC_0850 DSC_0861

Here are a few of todays videos… warning there is an overload of cute!

Playful puppies take one

Playful puppies take two

Playful puppies take three

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