Little pip-squeaks

I am in love with the little pip-squeaks.  They are a lovely litter, not very noisy at all.  (early days though! they perhaps are saving it for maximum effect!!).

Yesterdays diary entry was entered early in the morning, since the post the boys also opened their eyes yesterday.  With this in mind I still need to be careful with taking photographs to protect their eyes.

The pups are being weighed daily – which will continue until they are three weeks old.  Usually in a litter you have some variation but this litter is quite balanced with the exception of Mr Purple (who is noticeably larger).

Here are a few videos.

Just trying to get comfy – Mr Red has finally got his spot

A pile of puppies – the very definition of cute

Puppies at two weeks with eyes open

Time with Mum

The pups have reached the next level of activity so the cuteness score increases.  Watch out for the next videos!