They can walk!!

Exciting times….at just two weeks old!

The little pupsters are really giving walking a good go – they are wobbly and fall over but they are giving it a go.  Clever puppies!

So sweet… I will get some better quality videos – these were taken last night so they are a bit dark!

The girls eyes are open, Im just waiting on the boys now.

The ear flaps are also getting larger with the ear canal opening up too.

I feel so excited to see this phase of development as it is all starting to happen.  I really cannot explain the feeling of joy I have when the pups are able to look back at me and the sense of pride I have when I see them taking their first unsteady steps.  I am the typical mum who thinks her little fur babies are perfect!

A few videos for you :

Cuties beauties

Mumma Milk!

Mr Blue Walks!

The photo gallery also has a couple of additional photos (carefully taken so as not to cause any problems to the puppies eyes.).