11 days old


The pups are progressing well, all of them are putting on weight nicely.  The pups don’t feel so fragile when I cuddle them.  They are getting stronger day by day, the muscles getting stronger to support their body weight.  I love watching them getting about the pen.

It won’t be long before I need to clip their claws so they don’t scratch Maggie’s tummy. Im hoping I can hold off clipping their claws until Katherine is home so I have a little bit of help!

The collars are still slightly too big, so the extra twists are remaining in place for now.  This is purely to prevent the pups getting caught up in the slack of the collar.

Puppies waking up for milk time!


Here is a video of the puppies waking up and finding the milk bar! click “here

Puppies having their milk – check out their tails!


When puppies have their milk their little tails stand out and they make little noises when they are having their milk.  (awww – sweet).. play video with sound!