The puppies are developing so fast!

I am finding it hard to think they are only just over a week old.  The puppies are doing so well, they have taken me by surprise today – that they are trying really hard to actually lift their bodies off the ground and attempting to walk.  Clearly they have some way to go – but it was staggering to see this so soon. I have attempted to get it on a video clip – but haven’t managed to get a clear view of the puppies lifting their bodies up!

The pups have all got the ribbon collars on – however – we have had to add a few twists to some of the colours to ensure they fit properly.  You may have already spotted the twists – they are like this to gain the correct size, so don’t worry!! Collars are checked regularly (more than twice daily) to ensure the fit is correct, this is so important, particularly at this age when they grow so quickly.

A few pictures from today:-


Below photos – two groups of puppies…a group of 3 boys and a group of 3 girls (the girls are at the back of the picture)

DSC_0538 DSC_0502 Cute  Cute Cute!DSC_0494


Here are a few video clips from today also!

a close up of the milkbar

sleeping puppy

the race is on – who gets to the milk bar first?