First Milestone

Today marks the first milestone being reached.  That is their birthweight being doubled in less than a week.  Three of the puppies have reached double their birth weight at 6 days.  When it is considered good for a puppy to reach double its birthweight by 7 days.

Another of the milestones we have reached is with Mr Purple.  His little collar had snapped and I have replaced it with a cute ribbon collar. (paler purple with white spots.)

At this stage the puppies eyes and ears are still closed.  I am looking forward to when the eyes open, to have their little eyes looking back at you.

DSC_0262This is Miss Yellow – she is looking a darker yellow than she actually is.  There is no denying how incredibly cute the puppies are 🙂

The other good news is that I have been able to put photos into the album, with a lot of help from my web lady Gill.  So now you can see all the photos I take rather than just a select few.

Please take a look at the album Maggies Puppies 2016