Maggie at 8 weeks pregnant

Maggie is getting so big now and her tummy feels so hot.  So we are doing what we can to keep her comfortable.

Today we put up the whelping box, Maggie seems to be quite pleased about this and has been sitting in there quite happily.  I have put down a cool mat for her to lay on.  However….. I have just had heart failure as I could hear what appeared to be nesting going on in the whelping box.  Turns out Archie likes the whelping box too!  phew!


I have had to buy a new steriliser, making my purchase at a well known baby shop…they asked if I wanted to go on their email list.  I said I would only be interested if they sold puppy toys!!!  The look on the shop assistants face was comical!

The development of the unborn puppies at 8 weeks will mean they have reached approximately 15cm long and will have hair and little pads on his or her paws!

I have had a listen to the puppies heartbeats and they are very strong!  The pups are wiggling around like crazy.  It must feel so strange for Maggie to have all that squirming in her tummy!

Everything is ready for the new arrivals – getting very excited now!  Its the final countdown!!!!!