Puppies first meal!

Hopefully you enjoyed todays earlier update “Marchstone Minions”

The puppies have enjoyed having the extra space to play.  Primarily we extended the whelping box to ensure Maggie can lay down easier as now the pups are so much more mobile it is harder for her to laydown when they are getting in the way so easily!  The bonus of giving them extra space is they can stretch and explore instead of being in such a confined area.


I hope you enjoy the video of them “playing“.  Katherine also recorded a nice clip entitled “Puppies

We have also given the puppies a very small introduction to food.  We will give them a little more tomorrow, today was about giving them a taster to see how they reacted to having food!

Mr Blue’s First Meal

Mr Red’s First Meal

Miss Pink’s First Meal

Mr Orange’s First Meal

Mr Yellow’s First Meal

Mr Purple’s First Meal


and finally.. Mr Yellow plays with a toy bigger than he is! (super cute!)

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