Mother Nature makes beautiful puppies and wonderful mums!

My beautiful puppies are doing so well.

I am thoroughly enjoying seeing little dreamy eyes peeping back at me.   Not all of the puppies eyes are open yet.

They are spending their days mainly feeding and sleeping, their periods of activity are rushing to the milkbar before closing time!  This is the time when they grow stronger by the day!

They are all gaining weight very well indeed with some putting on over 4oz a day, the typical weight gain is usually up to 2 ounces.

I am so proud of Maggie – she is a modern day Mum, spending lots of time with her babies, but also knows she needs her own “me” time.  She has been treated to a rather large deer antler (from my friend Louise) and she did spend a good fifteen minutes yomping on that whilst her babies were waiting for their milk.  Maggie learnt very quickly that getting into the whelping box safely had to be a calculated manoeuvre.  She picks her safe place to sit, the pups all graduate in her direction.  Once all puppies are in her “zone” she then goes to the other side of the whelping box, settles down all comfy before her puppies come rushing back!

The pups have all been registered, subject to confirmation of my chosen names.  The paperwork should be received in the next week or so.

Here are a few videos from today.

Mr Yellow Walking

Puppy mayhem

Rush to the bar before closing

Puppies settling down after the milkbar closes