Pups approaching a milestone

Whilst I have been waiting (impatiently) for the puppies eyes to open, I can see it will be any day now…. the pups have been so mobile – that I have seen a few of the pups actually being able to take their very first steps.  They are falling over alot at the moment so by no means can I say they are walking BUT they are lifting themselves off the floor and attempting to co-ordinate all four legs!   Punch drunk on Mothers Milk is all I can possibly say to describe this kind of walking!

I have also put on the second stage collars on all of the puppies, apart from Miss Pink, so you will see some very cute collars in the photos now.

DSC_0582 (640x428)

Just need to wait a few more days for Miss Pink to be big enough for her collar.

Hopefully in this time the eyes will be open!  I cant wait!