A week old already!

It is hard to think that this time last week we were adjusting to our newborns!  Maggie has been a wonderful Mum to her babies!

They have all reached their target weights and are looking fabulous for it.  They have spent the week mainly sleeping and drinking, or being cuddled!  They are active puppies gaining strength in their legs to help assist them when they start to walk.  I cant wait to see them take their first steps.  They are a very well developed litter as we have already had a few pups making little woofs which ordinarily wouldn’t start as young as this!

In a few days time we will see their eyes opening – it will be at this point I will stop taking photos for a little while.  I love that first time when they look back at you – with such dreamy eyes!

I have updated the gallery with photos, but for now here is a photo that really stands out….

Mr Blue might have had a sneaky drink at the milk bar!

DSC_0412 (640x428)