Maggie at 7 weeks


With the help of my trusted puppy assistant here is the long awaited pregnant at 7 weeks photo.  Maggie is doing so well, we can feel the puppies moving so easily now, this evening I could see the puppies moving about ~ so exciting!  I tried to film it but unfortunately missed it!  I will try again later!

The puppies colouring will now be showing!  (Mother Nature knows how many blacks and yellows we have… whereas we will have to wait another two weeks!).  The hair has just started to grow.  They will have nearly doubled in size from 60mm to 100mm!

Today has also been an anniversary of a special event at Marchstone.  Today is the day we celebrate Stanley’s birthday.  Our very first litter of puppies started to arrive in the evening of 30th June 2009.  Happy 6th Birthday to Harry, Stanley, Ruby, Tango, Sunni-Jim, Rocky, Murphy, Megan.

For Stanley’s birthday we bought him a new toy…..that you can attach plastic bottles to…though he is having to share it with a certain woof who is already getting alot of attention.


DSC_0014DSC_0015Maggie having a bit of fun with Stanley’s new toy! hee hee!