Maggie and her unborn pups at 6 weeks

Maggie is blooming, a truly sweet girl loving to have extra cuddles, I imagine her tummy does feel rather weird to her!


Just look at her tummy!!

As a precaution I have had Maggie scanned today and to see the difference in development from the 4 week scan to the 6 week scan was amazing.  The puppies were wiggling around like crazy and the definition of their spines were far easier to see.  The scan certainly showed a lot of puppies so fingerscrossed we are blessed with lots of healthy puppies.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance for a photo of the ultrasound this time.

It is at this point that we would be able to determine the sex of the puppies. They will also have defined toes!  There approximate size will be 60mm in length.


Here is my first photo of Maggie side on!


Katherine has been helping me get photos of Maggie’s tummy!