Maggie is approaching 5 weeks pregnant

Maggie is doing really well.  Blossoming!  We will continue to walk her until she feels she doesn’t want a walk.  It is important that the bitch remains as fit as possible for her to get through the labour as easily as possible.  We are busy making preparations for our forthcoming litter.  This is involving many lists of things I need to buy to ensure I have all the necessary supplements for the care of Maggie, I also make sure I have powdered puppy milk just incase Maggie is unable to feed her puppies.

We were lucky enough to have another scan on Maggie yesterday.  We were able to see details of the puppies that I haven’t seen before on a scan.  The heartbeat of a puppy, the spines and a jawline on one of them!  We could see the puppies wiggling around which is fascinating to see.

Up until 28 days the pups are classed as embryos, during this first stage the brain and spinal cord have been developing, all of the organs will be forming, as well as the limbs, head, eyes and face will have been growing.

At 29 days the sex of the puppy can be determined.

Maggie is at the stage of pregnancy where the puppies are now classed as foetuses.  They will be curled up in the classic foetal position.

I will get a photo of Maggie’s expanding tummy tomorrow – for her 5week photo!  It is lovely to think we will have puppies arriving in four weeks time!