Agility – Flyball – walk the walk!

We are having so much fun with Maggie at Agility.  We will be taking Melvin along soon!

Our back garden has turned into an assault course – with jumps, weaves, tunnels etc just so we can make sure that Maggie is as ready as possible for taking part in the display next week.  I am so very proud of Katherine for her hard work with Maggie.  It is paying off and I am enjoying seeing the bond form between the two of them.  Yesterday Maggie had the chance to do some obedience work as well as try out flyball – she loved it.

It is of course lovely to give the other woofs a chance to bomb around the garden over the jumps too!

I have had a productive weekend doing training with the six dogs.  They are always keen to do training so long as their reward of the ball is given on time!  Always always keep training FUN!!!

I have spent a little time this evening updating a few areas of the website and adding articles.  I have designed a new lead, updated my journal and also updated the Heatstroke article.  Please take some time to have a little look around!