Sad News about Booza (Dad to 2011 pups)


I have just found out some really sad news about Booza.  Unfortunately he lost a battle to Prostate cancer.  He was only nine and a half.  So not an old boy at all.

Im sure everyone who has one of the pups from 2011 will be grateful to Booza for giving them special puppies.  We ourselves have Melvin and he is the best dog in the world A stunning labrador with amazing agility! I also walk Bunty everyday – another of Booza’s daughters.  She too has this wonderful leaping ability.  I have always referred to Melvin as being a Tiggeretriever as he is so bouncy!

Sending my sincerest regards to Nicola Grellis, at Smale Gundogs, Booza’s owner.  I am grateful for all your help back in 2011 when we needed your expertise.

Run free Booza, Im sure there will be plenty of rabbits and pheasants for you at the bridge.