Our Puppies are now 6 months old

Woo hoo happy half birthday puppies to Maggie, Scrumpy, Poppy, Mylo, Cash, Maverick and Star!

I hope the puppies are all behaving themselves and doing well in their training.

Don’t forget that all training has to remain consistent and fair.  Puppies are likely regress with their training between 6 and 9 mths.  just take your training exercises back to basics.  (as though they haven’t had any training whatsoever!).

It is worming time!  After this you can worm your puppy every 3-6 months.

The bad news (from your puppies point of view) is that it is time to take them down to TWO MEALS.  Of course they will think you have forgotten and it is hard for them to grasp the idea of not getting the third meal!!!.

I hope you are all enjoying your puppies as much as we are loving having Maggie – who is another tiggeretriever – with invisible springs on her paws!