Had a wonderful time at the dog show yesterday!

Katherine and I went to a dog show yesterday – taking Stanley and Melvin with us!

We came home with a triumphant 8 rosettes.  3 Fourth places, 4 Thirds and a FIRST

We were really happy at doing so well however the best wins of the day was in Agility!  Katherine ran the course with Stanley and got the “Agility bug!”  Initially doing the course in 28 seconds.  Then after some practice she had trimmed it down to a very respectable 18.7 seconds – to gain first place in her group!  (the quickest speed in all the groups was 12 seconds!).

Katherine also ran Melvin and came third with a time of 23 seconds.

The dogs loved it, got very keyed up and raced through the course with a lot of enthusiasm.  It was fabulous for me to see Katherine beaming at her success!

I took the plunge and ran the course with Melvin.  I was obviously a lot slower – I blame my shoes of course, I wasn’t at all prepared.  I mean…. running is bad for you isn’t it?!!  My time was 37 seconds but apparently I wasn’t the slowest (phew!) someone had done it in 1 minute 32 seconds (!!).

Yesterday was the first time that the dogs had done an actual agility course, they have used our own jump but not as part of a course! So to say I am proud of Katherine, Stanley and Melvin for their achievement is an understatement – VERY WELL DONE!!!!!  Im pleased as punch with them.

and now….. Katherine wants to join an agility club!  So roll on Thursday to see how we get on!