Last evening wth 7 puppies

It has always been traditional to take a special photograph on the last night before they start to go to their new homes.

It is with mixed feelings I post.  I am delighted with all the new owners and am confident everyone will remain in touch with us and that the puppies have the best homes.  but of course, for us, saying goodbye to these bundles is hard.  We try so hard not to fall totally in love with them – but it is impossible not to love these little ones.

Molly has given us beautiful puppies.  They are all so confident, so outgoing and bold.  They are all very handsome and very pretty.  Evenly proportioned that it has been a touch choice working out which puppy was going to be ours.  If I could have kept more than one then I would have done.

I know I shall worry about them and I know that technically I shouldn’t.

Good luck to all of my puppies in your new homes

Love Heidi, Dave and Katherine – your first owners who cherished every moment of you – from your eyes opening to taking your first steps.  To dashing around the garden with such confidence our hearts soared with pride. xxx