Busy Busy!

We have had a busy few days at Marchstone!  The puppies have enjoyed a photo shoot with farlap photography.  They were exhausted after racing about for an hour, I have been given some of the photos and will be loading them on to a new page soon!  Please note the copyright on these photographs!  Ironically the elusive photo that I couldn’t get of Mr Blue (sitting nicely on his own) has now been accomplished by the professional!! YAY!

Yesterday was worming day.  This brings about the weekly ritual of attempting to weigh them.  As soon as they are in the weighing scales they are out again or you get another puppy trying to get in at the same time.  Lovely chaos!  it was much easier this time as I had my Puppy Carer Assistant Katherine to help!!!    So pink frothy puppies (again!!).  I do give the puppies natural yoghurt and scrambled egg before I worm them and continue with the mix of kibble/scrambled egg and diluted natural yoghurt until I am certain that all tummies are fine again.

I have of course been taking my own photos which I will be uploading soon (just have not had the time to catch up with myself!).  I have planned a special photograph – which I hope pulls off so watch out for that one!

The puppies have been enjoying the good weather and have been racing about the garden.  A couple of puppies who will remain nameless have been getting into the chicken coup.  Last year it was Dexter who wore the red collar, who kept getting in to the chickens……something about that red collar I think!!!   We have now re-done all the fencing so hopefully…. the two offenders wont be getting in again!!!

The puppies are full of life, love, joy and spring!  I am loving them so much that I think there are going to be some tears on collection day!  (BE PREPARED BUYERS!!)