Today the puppies are having their photos taken….

Today we have a professional photographer coming.  The puppies are going to have be on their best behaviour so that we get some awesome photos of the cuteness and boldness of our puppies.  The photos are hopefully going to get featured in a gundog magazine and hopefully in a calendar too!(very exciting!).

A couple of videos…..

Is it food time do you think?? Jumping Jacks at tea time

A video clip featuring Peaches at the end….very cute!

(note…. CLEAN PEN again, we have now had no poos in the house for a week!!! WOOP…. clever puppies are asking to go out for a wee too….still getting some wees indoors but improvements are being made every day!!!).

Tomorrow is worming day – so we may not have huge success on a clean pen come Saturday morning – but this wont be the fault of the puppies but the horrid medicine that can upset their tummies.  Must go shopping for eggs and natural yoghurt today! (the irony… we have chickens but we still need to buy eggs!!!)