Follow The Leader!

Follow The Leader

A game that is often played at Marchstone.  Normally it is with Katherine and the puppies following her, which I am sure we will all look forward to seeing videos of Katherine playing this game with the puppies, but in the meantime here is Molly and Melvin playing the game!

Follow the leader

We have had the puppies out in the living room for plenty of playtime and also in the garden for wees and poos.  We are being successful with getting the poos outside, the wees are a bit hit and miss at the moment.    The weather is not particularly on our side at the moment.  Still…..we are getting some wees outside so it is a start!  I left a newspaper on the floor and a couple of puppies during their playtime went and widdled on the paper.  So unless you want your newspaper to be widdled on then don’t leave it on the floor!