Molly 53 days pregnant

Here is a photo of Molly at 53 days pregnant.  She is still very cuddle and affectionate.  Flopping over for a cuddle at EVERY opportunity.  Molly has finally slowed up a bit on a walk!  bless her she isnt running as fast – with that size tummy it is no surprise!

Molly at 53 days pregnant

Molly is eating really well, everytime I go into the kitchen she is hoping I am feeding her!

We had a funny moment earlier when the dogs were chewing their antlerchews and Molly went over to Archie, took his antlerchew away from him and went back to her pile of antlers.  So funny seeing Archies face as he admitted defeat immediately!

Roughly ELEVEN days to go!

Tonight I have cleaned her whelping box, with the help of Katherine, just needs setting up in place.  Got all of the kit down, sterilised everything that needed sterilising and organised my puppy box.  Everything is pretty much ready for the arrival of Molly’s little squeekers!