Molly at 7 Weeks and her unborn puppies!

I cant believe we are at 7 weeks already!!  I will be putting together the whelping box at the weekend and sterilising all the equipment ready for the big day.

Molly is doing fabulously. She still wants to be able to run and chase after a ball, so we are being careful that she isnt leaping to catch the ball.

We  can now see the puppies wiggling around.  It is lovely for us, as we can feel the puppies moving about really easily now.  I have also heard a heartbeat with the stethoscope – a puppies heartrate is very fast and it sounds a bit like thundering hoofs (but obviously very scaled down!).

Side view of Mollys tummy. (whilst playing with her son, Stanley with the ball)

Molly 7 weeks pregnant

Now the unborn puppies have reached 7 weeks, the hair on the puppies will have started to develop and the colour of the coat will be showing!  The puppies are now roughly 10cm long.

For comparison of Mollys developing tummy here are two photos …..


Molly at less than 4 weeks pregnant


Molly at 7 weeks pregnant