The development of the unborn puppies up to four weeks

Over the last few weeks, the development of the unborn puppies have gone through some amazing stages.

In the first three weeks the cells are developing, dividing and the placenta starts to form.  The placenta plays such a vital role in the life support system of the developing unborn pup.

It takes up to three weeks before the “cells” can be classed as embryos.    Between weeks three and four the spine has started to form.  The shape of the embryo takes on the classic shape of being curled up.  All the organs are forming (the body, limbs, head, eyes and face).

At 28 days – the embryo is approximately one inch in diameter.  Between 29-30 days, the sex of the puppy can be determined.

Molly is now 31 days pregnant so we can think of her little puppies as little oval shaped embryos secure in her tummy.  Keep safe little ones! x