The importance of socialisation

If you want your puppy to be confident and happy then it is really improtant to get them out and about as soon as possible.  To expose them to as many new experiences as soon as possible.  Obviously whilst they are going through their vaccination programme you have to be careful with the level of exposure – so to ensure their safety whilst the vaccination is boosting up their natural immune system, then you can take them out and about – by carrying them everywhere.

I have this evening taken the puppies, with Katherine, two at a time out round the block for five minutes.  They loved taking in the new sights and smells.  I will do this everyday until they are in their new homes.

The importance in starting this as soon as possible is that your pup will be confident when out and about.  You need to be sure your puppy is not going to run off in fright when you are on a walk.

Please read this article by a fellow breeder friend Diana Stevens.  I agree with the advice she gives as it is way too long to wait two weeks after the second vaccine before you start socialisation, as you are losing VALUABLE social skills and time in which your puppy will trust you and want to stay with you.  Obviously you have to go with the advice you are comfortable with and BE sensible but please dont keep your puppy on the lead until it is 12 weeks old…get them off the lead as soon as possible.  My reccomendation is a week after the first vaccination.  Take them to clean areas.  Some people are happier doing this from the second vaccination at the age of ten weeks.  It is up to each individual as the maternal antibodies would have been active in the puppy up until the age of 8 weeks so they will not have had a chance to dip at all.  Clearly if you know there is a problem with parvo in your area then do not take risks.

Today has been a sad day as we had to attend a family funeral, Dave’s Dad we had our lovely neighbours look after the puppies for us, they did a fabulous job.  When we returned home Katherine and I enjoyed some puppy time…… here is a clip entitled “jump” and also a clip of our little hooligans playing in the garden with Katherine!