Pups at three and a half weeks!

We have officially started the toilet training.  From the age of three and a half weeks we have been putting them in the garden – after each meal and every time they wake up.  So far we havent had any poos in the whelping box for TWO days!! GO PUDDING PUPS!

We have also started meal times, I will attempt to get photos at some point of them having their food – but I need all hands on deck as it gets a bit crazy and they do eat very quickly (I feel I need more pairs of hands and be able to move a bit quicker!!)

The pups are finding their feet when outside starting to explore the garden a little bit.  The sooner they get used to big wider spaces and all the normal noises that come with a busy household the better it is for them.

Last night we had the puppies playing in our living room.  Skipping about with the adult dogs and a few of the toys we have put out for them.

When the pups see something new they have to investigate the object before touching it.  I really enjoy these first steps, in learning what play is all about.  Watching them looking at a ball then batting it with a paw, is something I really treasure.  The pup taking that first step at tentative play with a toy is a milestone to them.

Beautiful girl 26 days old!

Here is a video clip of the puppies playing with each other, they are having a wonderful time mouthing each other and at times biting each others tails! comical!

photos added to gallery!