My Wonderful Pups & Molly

Today my little gorgeous pups have been tottering about and are becoming more and more steady on their pins.  Tonight we witnessed something magical….the pups were all making tentative play movements.  This is all part of them reaching their developmental stages.  I just love seeing the gestures of them mouthing each other and hooking their paws up towards each other.  I could watch them for hours.    This litter seem to be ahead of Molly’s two previous litters.

The little white boy got up from a nap, looked directly at me and walked over towards me.  Any parent feels proud when their child takes their first steps, the feeling is exactley the same to see the puppies walking!!!  What a boy – only 15 days old and very steady.

Molly is progressing very well.  She had been a little bit lame – partly habitual and partly down to muscle wastage (because of the splint).  We have now started to give her some very gentle walks.  Which is the start of her recovery period in building up strength in her leg.  I have also started giving her green lipped mussel tablets which I have been told are safe to give whilst she is feeding her puppies.

Molly is being a fabulous mum to her pups.  I feel emotional watching her “be” a mum.  She sits with her pups even when they are asleep.  What a wonderful Mum she is.  Very tender and attentive.  If we cuddle a puppy she will give us a Motherly look as if to say “it is time to give me my pup now”!..then she will give you another look as if to say “come on then” (bless her).

Today has been full of touching experiences. (or maybe I am just an emotional soul!).  When looking into the puppies eyes and they are looking back and lick your nose – you cant help but melt!  (they certainly have me sold!).

Sitting and observing the puppies is lovely.  Just lovely.