Day 5 Gaining LOTS of Weight!

Today little boy Blue – reached 2lbs!!! my goodness me!  All of the pups are doing very well with a steady weight gain.  It took until day 6 for any of the pups in the first litter to reach 2lbs and day 9 from the second litter.  This litter will have the advantage of being able to have as much milk as they like without having to wriggle and squirm to the best teat like they would if there were 8 puppies!

At this stage they mainly sleep and have Mum’s milk!  With the odd moment of moving about gaining strength in their legs.  I cant wait for their eyes to open and when they are taking their first faltering steps..  It is lovely when they start making progress, for me to watch them reaching a developmental phase makes me feel very proud.  It is one of the reasons I enjoy having puppies so much.

Another reminder of why I enjoy having puppies is seeing happy owners with one of our pups.  Today, one of my buyers came to visit.  They had bought one of our puppies last year (Sam) and it is lovely to be able to see one of your pups all”growed” up.   My buyers are very excited to be buying another boy dog!  I have put a picture of Sam with the gang in the “Pups in their new homes” Gallery.

Breeding a litter of pups is certainly hardwork full of ups and downs, definitely not to be undertaken without alot of research and willingness to do the responsible thing at every step of the journey (ie: health tests, choosing the right stud dog).  Emotionally it is exhausting, a challenge and usually fulfilling BUT definitely not without a awful lot of worry thrown into the mix.

A puppy that makes your heart melt!