Family Photo!

Molly with her babies

First born girl  – wearing a peach coloured collar
Second born boy – wearing a pale blue collar
Third born boy – wearing a white collar
Fourth born boy – wearing a red collar

Traditionally our first borns have been boys so it is a nice surprise to have a girl as our first born.  Ordinarily we usually have some black pups – so this is all a bit new to us having an entirely yellow litter!

Katherine has been a fabulous help, as always.  Fetching things for me without any hesitation.  Watching Molly when I have needed her to.  Taking notes of when the contractions came and also writing down the weights for me.  I am so proud of her for being able to think on her feet and be so readily helpful.  GREAT JOB KATHERINE

The Pups are feeding well and Molly is being a great Mum :0)

Molly with her pups only a few hours old!