Development of the unborn pups at 5 weeks

Molly is over halfway through her pregnancy.  At five weeks the puppies have now almost doubled in size in only a week from 20mm (at 4 weeks) to 35mm.

The ear flap is developing and the eye lids can now be seen.

 Molly is doing very well, her tummy is growing nicely.  I cant wait until I can listen out for heartbeats and …more exciting when I can see them moving around.  Have a little while to go for that!  Molly had her splint checked today and the vet is very happy with her.  We saw our favourite vet “Sophie” who saved Charlies life 18months ago.  Sophie decided to keep the dressing on (and not replace it) as it was in such good shape.  (well done Molly!)

Tomorrow brings a special day for the “Booza and Molly” puppies from last year.  Happy FIRST Birthday to Sam, Marley, Bunty, Summer, Melvin, Amber, Rocky and Tess!  We hope you have had a great first year seeing new things and learning lots of skills.