Happy Birthday Molly – 5yrs today

My dear sweet girl, Molly is five years old today.  I have treated her to some pigs ears (which she very kindly shared with the other woofs!)  We had a lovely walk with the gang at Jennycliffe.  Molly loves nothing more than to chase after balls, her sense of timing is incredible and she will be 95% certain to be the dog who gets the ball first!  Molly is in good form and doesnt look like she is five years old.  Happy Birthday Molly my lovely.

I am hoping to confirm if Molly is in pup very soon!  She is being very loving and getting lots of cuddles so all the signs are hopeful.

We have had quite a week – Melvin has been poorly, resulting in a trip to the vets.  I am pleased to report he has now made a full recovery.  Melvin had run off on our walk in the morning, I found him munching something but had no idea what he had eaten.  Later on in the day we noticed he was trembling.  Thinking it would wear off we just kept an eye on him.  I took him for a little walk at the back of the house to try and get a urine sample from him.  I have urine dipsticks to try and gain a picture of what is going on, but he didnt manage to wee, Melvin seemed really down and quiet whilst we were outside.  After a couple of hours we decided he wasnt improving.  His entire body was shaking and he was unsteady on his feet.  We had already considered a few options of what the problem may be, wondering if we had missed witnessing a fit  (though he hadnt shown signs of weeing in the kitchen or any salivating and his eyes appeared normal) or whether the tremors were a prelude to a fit.  We did consider the fact he had took off to eat something on the walk and wondered if it could have been down to that, I was also worried that he may have been suffering from hypoglycaemia.  So in case this was the cause of the problem I gave him some honey, waiting 20 minutes to see if he improved at all.  Melvin hadnt improved or got worse at all during this time so we decided it was now time to get him to the vets.

While we were waiting at the vets for our appointment Melvin growled at a dog which is very out of character for him.  Once we were in the consulting room the vet was looking him over and took his temperature.  Melvin almost did cartwheels at the very idea of something being poked into his bottom.  Poor boy.  Melvin is usually a very placid and easy going laid back dog so to see him behaving differently was concerning.  The vet felt it was more likely to be a neurological problem which could lead to him having a fit.  Advising us he may need an MRI scan.  The vet felt it was more likely to be as a result of ingesting a toxin such as eating something like mouldy cheese or mouldy bread. 

The vets took a blood sample (which came back as clear) it was predominantly to check his blood glucose levels, liver and kidney function.  So hypoglycaemia was immediately ruled out.  Melvin was given diamorphine and put on a drip.  He did seem very spooked to be at the vets not making it very easy for the vet nurse and vet to take his blood.

We left Melvin at the vets walking back to the car only holding his collar.  We were told to ring back in an hour to see what the next step would be.   Luckily we were given the good news of the clear blood results and that he had stopped shaking because of the diamorphine.  So I was asked to call back again in two hours with a view to bringing him home (phew). 

When I collected Melvin he was very pleased to me.  The tigger was back!!  Bless him he was still a little bit dopey but his eyes were bright and he had a waggy tail.   He was a bit hungry so we gave him a meal which took a few seconds to wolf down!

So a rather worrying afternoon and evening but all is well with Melvin.  He is now asleep on the sofa with his head on a cushion!